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Captain Jax

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Pirate Ship 3

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Mythical Florida Buccaneer of the Early 18th Century
See Episode 1 Below-More to Follow

- Sails Florida waters and the Caribbean aboard his ship, Valencia.

 - A rogue originally from Cayo Hueso (later named Key West)   

Episode 1.   Sailing Home

December, 1716  Somewhere In the Florida Straits - Aboard the Valencia, Steering West for Cayo Hueso.

 From his perch at the foremast Jax tasted the sea mist thrown by a winter gale and looked back to the east across the Caribbean as glimmering low clouds preceded the sunrise. He was headed to remote Cayo Hueso, where as an impoverished orphan he'd been adopted by an aged English sea captain.

 Two days earlier he had left New Providence, where relations with former privateer, Henry Jennings. had soured. Jennings and his raucous pirate colony were now based in the Bahamas after being ousted from Jamaica by the British.

 Jennings had recently led a force of ex-privateers including Jax on a raid and seized Spanish treasure at  Palmer de Ayes (San Sebastian, on Florida's east coast)  The huge cache had been reclaimed from the Atlantic surf, salvaged from a sunken fleet of 11 galleons. that encountered a deadly hurricane en route from the Spanish Main .

 The dispute with Jennings regarded Jax's share of the  booty, hardly commensurate with his contribution. Jax had deftly obtained the cache location from a drunken Spaniard in St. Augustine and passed it on to Jennings.  He had also conducted a reconnaissance of the cache site before the incursion. Still, his share  was large. . 

He and Jennings had discussed the matter of his share while in New Providence, a month before. No harsh words had exchanged, but Jax was not pleased; wanting no further ties with the pirate.

At 28 years old, he'd spent the last 12 in the West Indies aboard various privateers. Jax had learned a great deal, mostly that he could only count on himself and first mate, Soto, a swarthy West Indian he had liberated from enslavement 3 years prior, during a raid.

 Jax leaned against the rail of his sleek sloop captured in 1813, peered at a morning star and dreamed of Ana, the Spanish beauty in the old city of St. Augustine..  What was she doing right now? Probably sleeping soundly in her father's house, a grand Mediterranean on Cordova Street. Or perhaps she had  awoken and was beginning the day's chores.  Ana was her widowed father's only living progeny. Her mother and younger brother had died of cholera in1809. .It had been only a fortnight ago that they had met beside the fortress walls of Castillo de San Marcos, yet it seemed an eternity.There they had gazed at moonlit waters and kissed passionately in the night shadows. Now he felt a deep longing.  What strange spell had she cast ?


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