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Rainbow Springs


What is perhaps Florida's most beautiful spring 
is located in a state park about 1 hour north of
Tampa. Framed by tall trees from hillside walk-
 ways the opal-like waters are breathtaking.


In the 1930's the springs were developed as a
tourist attraction with bath houses and access
roads. Later, waterfalls were constructed (one
remains) a small zoo and glass bottom boats
were introduced. In the 1960's more than
100,000 flowers were planted and several
remain today.

  rainbow rainbow



Rainbow is one of Florida's
27 first magnitude springs.
(discharging at least 65
million gallons of water
per day.) A historical and
geological wonder it was
frequently visited by
native amercans begin-
ning around 12,000 BC.

 19158 SW 81st Place Rd,
Dunnellon, FL
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