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Leon Sinks Geologica lArea

Crawfordville/Tallahassee     diamond_spacer     Ph: (904) 926-3561

Nature trails meander beside a series of
wet and dry sinkholes south of Tallahassee. 
This is part of a karst plain (terrain that rain
and groundwater have changed by dissolving
through underlying limestone bedrock) that
 extends from Tallahassee south
to the Gulf of Mexico.

Water filled caves beneath your feet provide
habitat for cave crayfish and a rare, tiny insect-
like creature called an amphipod
.Red and white
oak, tupelo ,hickory, ash, maple and beech
are among the 20 tree species
that grow in the preserve.

5 miles S. of Tallahassee On Rt. 319




A keen observer may see
a soaring red-shouldered
hawk or glimpse a busily
foraging Carolina chickadee.
Go quietly. You could suprise
a deer that will bound away
white tail erect or see a flock
of wild turkeys fly up in alarm.