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"Old Florida"

The term "Old Florida" generally denotes Florida the way it was at least two generations ago. It's a Florida from the 1950's and earlier with roadside attractions, hamburger stands and other
reminders of a yesteryear that are quickly vanishing.

Below are some examples "Old Florida". We will be adding more as we discover other locations that are worthy of this designation. Click the links below to view.

Backfin Blue Restaurant:  Meaty crab cakes in a 1920's cottage.

• Mar Vista Restaurant : a taste of Old Florida overlooking Sarasota Bay. 

Florida Fly Wheelers : Restored tractors, cars and equipment in Ft. Meade. Old Fashioned Village.

Greenwood: Historic Antebellum Community

Honey Stand: from the 1940's, near Palatka.

Train Ride: aboard train cars from the '50s in Parrish.

Skinny's Place: another hamburger stand from the '50s on Holme's Beach

Dora Canal
: most beautiful mile of water in the world near Mount Dora.

• The Sandbar Restaurant : Tasty seafood on the beach.  It's origins date back to 1911.

Ferndale Lodge:    Homey lagoon-side lodge from the '50s.

Marjorie Rawlings: writer's homestead from the '40s south of Gainesville.

Old House Cafe: Southern Victorian sharm inside a lovely 1905 home in Deland.

Moonlight Drive Inn
: 1960's Blast from the past in Cocoa.

Old Florida Cafe  in Micanopy,  the "Little town that time forgot" near Ocala.

Havana: Small antiquing town north of Tallahassee.

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